Michael Duffy

composer/sound artist/performer

I write music and make things, sometimes I perform. Often I use computers or electronics of various kinds.

113 Collective | Shield Your Eyes


I, Michael Duffy (b. 1976), am a composer/sound artist/performer whose work has been performed by Dal Niente, Irvine Arditti, Noriko Kawai, Duo Gelland, JACK, ICE, Second Instrumental Unit, and Zeitgeist. I am a member of the 113 composers collective and perform in the electro-acoustic duo Shield Your Eyes. I co-founded the Contemporary Music Workshop at the University of Minnesota where I studied with James Dillon and work as the Music Technology Specialist.

Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2006, I attended the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, CUNY studying composition with Jeff Nichols and Bruce Saylor, computer music with Hubert Howe and percussion with Michael Lipsey.

I love all sorts of so-called extreme music.

Here is a what I look like. I am very serious.